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Thanksgiving is one of my 3 favorite holidays. Christmas and Easter being the other two favorite holidays.It started as a religious celebration by the Pilgrims also known as Puritans. (World Book Encyclopedia)

Through the years it seems  as Thanksgiving has lost it's real meaning, to give thanks to our Father above for all  that he has provided us with. It is my hope that in creating this Thanksgiving Page that I can  bring back  the reason we celebrate Thanksgiving. It is more than turkeys, football and parades.Thanksgiving is a time to open our homes and  hearts, a time to reflect,a time to give praise, a time to give thanks,to our Lord who has given us so much.Thanksgiving is also the perfect prelude to Christmas and the perfect postlude to Easter.
As we gather with family and friends to feast upon the wonderful dishes of the season.
Let us reflect on all God has provided for us and give Him our praises and thanks.Also
let us keep the feeling or spirit of Thanksgiving with us not just on Thanksgiving Day,
but everyday.

This site began Oct. 1997 as a simple page of links and a mishmash of information scattered all over the place, how proud I was until I was politely denied a return link because it did not contain original content. I thank God for that denial because it led me to expand, move from using others backgrounds to creating my own, learning how to make graphics, creating my own content. Much time, effort, and research has gone into this site. I hope you enjoy your visit and trust you will find something of interest. After you explore the many areas please be kind and sign my guest book. I love to see who visited and hear your comments. It helps me to get the old thinking cap going on new pages to add. Special thanks to all the wonderful people I have met online while creating this site.

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The Quiet Room
Prayers,Graces,study guide and more

The  Library
History of Thankgiving and Historical Information

The Dining Room
Cooking Helps,tempting dishes

The Play Room
Childrens Activities

Card Shop
Free Holiday Cards to send

Book Store
Preselected books for Thanksgiving

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