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          Thanksgiving Poem 

T is for thankful in which we all should be.  

H is for the holiness of Jesus we show to this   world in darkness daily.  

A is for the abundance of love between the family of God that is freely given  

N is for the newness of life we are living.  

K is for the King who shed his blood for you and me.  

S is for the Savior so sweet and full of mercy.  

G is for the gifts in which we are given for the holy spirit  
above when we are washed white as snow and our names enter in the book of heaven.  

I is for inquities for Jesus shed  for us on the cross that day that we could be free  
and victorious going in peace from every trial in our lives today.  

V is for victory we have defeated over satan.  

I is for the interest that Christains have taken.  

N is for the needs of this world that must not be forgotten we all can make a difference someway.  
G is for the giving the Lord provide for us we must not forget to give him a thanks of praise. 

 Sherry Grace Finley  


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