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  God Bless You Today

  God bless you today,
  In everthing you do,
  May life be good,
 And your friends all true.

  May you have sunshine
 As you walk along,
 May your path be bright,
 In your heart a song.

  May God bless your job
 And co-workers too
 May your work be joy
 Until the day is through.

 Receive these blessings
 In your heart today,
 Smile and be happy
As you go on your way.

Karleen Page


God's Grace

 Abundant provision of grace,

 Entrance accessed by faith,

 Increasing beyond scope of sin,

 Reigns righteousness on men,

 Bringing to all eternal life,

 An inheritance in Christ;

 The Word of God edifies,

 Confirmed by wonders and signs;

In Jesus' hands you are safe,

 Held fast in the grip of grace;

 Before, behind, around and through,

 By His blood, this grace is for you!

Karleen Page

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                              visit her at The Open Heart.

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