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Thanksgiving Table Prayers
Before the meal

We  gather in your name, O lord.
Welcome to our gathering of Thanks! Even as we share this meal, accept our hearty Thankyou Lord! Account each sound, every movement each intention as  a joyous shout of
praise to you. The pleasant clink of glass to glass, a tinkling "Alleluia" ! The scrape of a knife against the plate, a
clattering "Praise the Lord" A compliment to the cook, consider even that a thankful compliment to you. A hearty belly laugh, a childish giggle,
a whispered joke from freind to friend. These are all expressions of our Praise. For you have given all things to us- grace upon grace.. and salvation through your son as well! And so, consider even this meal here, A happy Hooray to you, O God.

After The Meal
Hooray God,
You have filled us with good things! And so our mouths are filled with your praise! For even in our act of thanksgiving to you, you have gifted us. Fill us now O God with your holy spirit.
Then we will praise you with every sound, every movement,every intention we will ever make. Than you will account our lives... each moment each meal each smile each life as a joyous shout of praise to you.
Hooray God! Amen

Hooray God Table Topics

Name 10 sounds that remind you of God's goodness. A baby's laugh? A recess bell?

List 10 times you have felt very thankful to God. How did you express that thankfulness?

Can you think of times when someone else's joy has spread to you? How about times when your happiness has spread to others?

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